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The world’s finest tripods more compact than ever. Ultralight tripods are made with exceptional ergonomics and pack down tightly. They are hand assembled in the USA with close attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship.


The Ultralight tripod line was designed with one goal in mind: create a lightweight and travel-friendly tripod while maintaining maximum stability in the field. Its fixed apex design is much smaller in diameter, allowing the entire tripod to compact tighter, leaving room for other necessities.


Although lighter, our Utralight tripods don’t compromise on stability and achieve the same load capacity as the Versa tripods. However, Ultralight tripods are not just for travel. They are the perfect choice when there is no need for an interchangeable base. An industry-standard 3/8”-16 stud accepts most any ball head, leveling base, gimbal head, or clamp to complete your set-up.


•  Solid Billet 60601 Alumminum
•  RRS proprietary carbon fiber
•  Made in USA down to the smallest screw


•  SureGrip™ Apex Lock
•  Self-retracting leg angle stops
•  Multiple ¼”-20 accessory sockets
•  Air vents for smooth & easy leg extending/collapsing
•  Leg extension locks: reliable sealed twist-locks

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