Reducer Bushing: Converts 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16

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The custom stainless reducer bushing from Really Right Stuff is ideal for those photographers who have cameras and camera accessories with different thread sizes. The reducer bushing has an exterior thread of 3/8"-16 and an interior thread of 1/4"-20.
  1. Custom Machined from Stainless Steel
  2. Flathead screwdriver slot allows for easy installation, positioning, and aids in removal if needed
  1. (1) Stainless steel reducer bushing
  1. Outer threading: 3/8"-16
  2. Inner threading: 1/4"-20
  3. Length: 0.3"/ 7.6mm
  4. Weight: 1g
To prevent the bushing from backing out or rotating, the following steps will help:
  1. Secure ("glue in place") with Loctite type 242 (blue fluid; non-permanent) threadlocking liquid. You can purchase Loctite 242 at any auto parts or hardware store. The blue fluid is the non-permanent solution.
  2. Put a drop of the blue fluid in the 3/8-ths socket, then thread the bushing in (wipe off any excess).
  3. Orient bushing with screwdriver slot facing out (to aid removal, if needed).
  4. Allow to cure for a few hours before using.

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