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Camera, Lens, & Optics

Quick Release Plates


Our custom camera plate designs are highly optimized and precision machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Each plate is custom mated to individual camera bodies for a precise, secure fit while allowing full access to critical ports and card slots. In true RRS fashion, aesthetic and ergonomic design is equal to function. Find a plate for your camera here.



We design side port clearance into all our custom L-Plates, but sometimes even greater clearance is required to accommodate multiple cables or “straight in” cables, so we created the CRS (Cable Relief Spacer) and the CA-1 (Cable Anchor). Both provide a locking bar to secure the cable to the L-Plate which prevents cables from getting broken or accidentally knocked loose. Discover which solution is best for you here.



RRS offers professional-grade, quick-release mounting options for lenses with a lens foot. Machined to the same exacting standards as our camera plates, our secure mounting options ensure the best results for your long or collared lenses when using a tripod.


Our Long Lens Support gear is designed to efficiently support the barrel of the lens and improve stability and resolution by up to 15%. Easily adjust and lock the height-adjustable Y-support into place with an MPR-EC end clamp. View all the components here.

Bino Mount

Cinch LR

The Cinch-LR is designed as a quick-release tripod mount that secures onto most binoculars while remaining low profile and stow-able when you need to pack up. The ultimate binocular mount for birding, hiking and hunting.

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