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Full Size Pano-Gimbal Head

SKU PG-02 Pano-Gimbal Head
$670.00 to $891.00
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Currently re-designing the part.


PG-02 Gimbal Head


The pano gimbal head (PG-02) by RRS is the culmination of countless research, testing, and input from professional photographers. The PG-02 gimbal tripod head allows users to pivot independently on both the vertical and horizontal axes. It's great for handling large lenses and allows the shooter to follow a subject smoothly by providing solid lens support. The PG-02 is the exemplar for shooting panoramas. The independently pivoting axes ensure that each frame of the panorama will be perfectly level and aligned.
The PG-02 head is available with a variety of quick-release clamps: 
  • PG-02 LLR with B2-LLR-II long style lever-release clamp
  • PG-02 LR with B2-LR-II lever-release clamp
  • Full Gimbal with Cradle Clamp that utilizes a vertical rail to adjust the height of the cradle clamp
  • Features

  • Patented lever-release clamp for fast and easy mounting
  • Ergonomic design gives superior handling and unsurpassed reliability
  • Precision panning base is finely laser-engraved at 2.5 degree intervals
  • Our unique drum and brake design for effortless locking
  • Laser-engraved millimeter scale offers precise centering and positioning within the clamp jaw
  • CNC Machined aluminum
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    Slight changes - Not backward Compatible

    by Tomas| 4/14/2019 8:12 pm

    Model has gone trough changes over the years.

    Older PG-02 Vertical arms will not fit on newer models due to a change in the catch pins design and mounting area of the vertical arm itself.

    So far I've counted 4 different versions:

    Screw Knob (on VA), no pin (on HB)
    Screw Knob, one pin
    Lever Knob, one pin
    Lever Knob, two pin

    Harley proof, works like the day I bought it.

    by Bruce Colman - | 8/9/2019 5:18 pm

    I've owned the full pano version of the gimbal head (PG-02) for 6 years. It is the one piece of my equipment that has been subjected to unintended rough handling. The original need was to support various Nikon bodies and two 600mm f4 lenses in -35c to +35c weather, no issues. I now use it to support my medium format camera and telephoto lens. While it has some scuffs and and a scrape or two, it works like the day I bought it. It traveled with me on many road trips on my Harley and despite vibration, never came apart.