Panorama Gear

Panorama photography is a creative technique that any photographer can readily achieve with the appropriate support gear and a little ingenuity. Stitched-frame panoramas are created by shooting multiple overlapping images, and then stitching them together in post-production.

To make an exceptional panorama, two factors (at the time of capture) that contribute to image quality must be considered and can be easily accomplished using specialized RRS equipment.

• Keep it Level: keep the camera level as you pan left/right. This is critical and can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

• Eliminate parallax: Unless the subject is a distant landscape, it is essential to eliminate image parallax by positioning the optical center of the lens over the point of rotation.

In addition, “panos” can be made using “single-rows” or with “multi-rows” - the latter being slightly more complex, but with a greater potential for impressive, detail-packed compositions.


This set-up requires the panning axis to remain perfectly level (parallel to the ground) throughout the pan. Since this setup requires that only one axis remain parallel to the ground, the gear needed is relatively simple and easily mastered. Our panning clamps and nodal slides are offered for this very application.


The equipment needed for these type of shots are more demanding, but much more versatile. Depending on your particular camera/lens setup, one of our pano-gimbal heads plus a nodal slide will provide all you need to create beautiful panoramic images.

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