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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III L Plate

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The Really Right Stuff BOEM5III camera body plates are the premiere solution for mounting your Olympus E-M5 Mk III camera securely to your tripod. Our BOEM5III plates are custom designed and precision machined from solid blocks of 6061-T6 aluminum. Fully compatible with 1.5" RRS Dovetail Standard, this plate features precisely contoured edges for a perfect fit with no twisting between the camera and our plate. It utilizes a custom machined 1/4"-20 threaded, captive-style mounting screw that threads into the tripod mounting socket of your camera body. An integrated QD (Quick Detach) socket on the base plate provides quick attaching and detaching of your QD strap system. The additional 1/4"-20 accessory socket gives users the flexibility to attach other devices and products as needed. 
This plate design utilizes an anti-twist pin to ensure a positive connection between the body and the plate. The full wrap-around design adds additional 0.370" (9.4mm) of height to the hand grip and gives a comfortable place to rest your fifth finger. There is an integrated strap lug for use with the hand straps which has been redesigned to minimize fraying of straps during long-term use. The battery compartment remains fully accessible without having to remove the base plate. 
Note: Due to the close proximity of the flip-out screen and the accessory ports, it is not possible to fit a dovetail that allows both the screen to flipped out completely and the ports unobstructed. The RRS solution is a dual-position L-Plate that allows the user to choose between port access or screen articulation. The included 5/32" hex key makes the position change painless and fast. When the L-Plate is installed in the forward position, the screen can be folded completely open in "selfie" mode and the mic port is unobstructed for vlogging use. When the L-Plate is installed in the rearward position, the screen can be folded open a max of 120 degrees but all ports remain accessible. To open the lower HDMI/USB port door, open the doors above it first using the top edge of the doors. Because of the wide variety of cables available on the market, tethering in portrait orientation with USB, HDMI, and audio cables may require the use of the optional RRS CRS. 


Base Plate 
  1. CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  2. Anodized; Type II Black 
  3. Integrated QD socket 
  4. Magnetic 5/32" hex key storage 
  5. 1/4"-20 threaded mounting socket inline with lens
  6. Laser engraved center mark 

  1. Slop-free bolt-on design
    *Note: When joining bolt-on L-component to baseplate, screw must be pre-threaded into L-component first; insertion of screw into L-component and baseplate concurrently may result in cross-threading.
  2. Two positions for either port access or increase screen articulation 
  3. Low-profile design leave LCD mostly unobstructed when in front-facing mode 
  4. Vertical Laser engraved center mark 


Base Plate 
  1. Length: 4.92"/ 124.9mm 
  2. Total Height: 0.47"/ 11.9mm
  3. Added Height: 0.37"/ 9.4mm
  4. Width: 1.81"/ 45.9mm
  5. Weight (without tools): Approx. 1.92oz/ 54.6g

  1. Total Thickness: 0.47"/ 12.0mm
  2. Added Thickness: 0.3"/ 7.6mm
  3. Height: 2.42"/ 61.5mm
  4. Width: 1.50"/ 38.1mm
  5. Weight (without tools): Approx. 0.68oz/ 19.4g

  1. Length: 5.29"/ 134.3mm
  2. Height: 2.43"/ 61.8mm
  3. Width: 1.81"/ 45.9mm
  4. Weight (without tools): Approx. 2.61oz/ 73.9g

In the Box

  1. (1) Custom Base Plate and L-Plate for E-M5 Mk III
  2. (2) Custom B107, 1/4"-20 captive button head screw 
  3. (1) 5/32" custom silver hex key
  4. (1) User guide 

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I wouldn't be without it

by Philip - | 3/9/2020 11:28 am

This is my fourth L-bracket for various cameras but my first from RRS. In fact I don't use a tripod very often but I find such devices improve handling and give reassuring protection to the bottom of the camera. this one is beautifully made and does an excellent job for the camera, with just a couple of caveats. First, on my camera the mounting screw reached the end of the socket before the bracket was completely tight. I've temporarily fixed the problem by changing the screw to a shorter one from a mini mounting plate, so it's fine now, but I'll probably pick up a small washer at some point to put under the screw head so I can revert to the original screw. Second, there is a bit of flex between the bracket and a big lens - in my case the Olympus 12-100. It's nothing to worry about most of the time and is probably due to the polycarbonate body of the camera rather than an issue with the plate.

Another ingenious plate from RRS. Almost perfect.

by Scott - | 3/30/2020 1:41 pm

Another ingenious plate from RRS. The main camera plate makes the E-M5iii fit my hand much better- my pinky finger has a place to grip. The L plate is a bit more complicated than most, as is necessary to accommodate the swing-out screen. My only criticism is the lack of a strap connection on the bottom of the camera. My preference when using heavy lenses is to move the right hand strap to the bottom of the camera, allowing the camera to naturally point down. This lower strap position is built into my E-M1 camera plates. The left side of the E-M5iii camera plate is completely taken up with the bolt holes for the L plate so no strap there. The right hand side of the camera plate doesn't have a lot of room, but I think it might be possible to have a small hole there for a Peak Design connector, and still clear the battery door. I might try to drill that hole myself if I can borrow a friend's drill press once we are able to leave the house again. (COVID 19 restrictions).