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Long Lens Support Package

SKU (ST) MPR 270mm / 10.6"

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Long Lens Support package to support any long lens setup for your photography or video needs. The Long Lens Support Package includes your choice of either a 270mm or 360mm MPR rail, CB-YS Y Support, MPR-EC, and the necessary hardware for each part.


Our Long Lens Support Package (LLSP) was compiled together to conveniently package all necessary products to complete your setup for long lenses. The LLSP will efficiently stabilize the barrel of the lens and improve the stability and resolution by up to 15%. Solidly stabilize the barrel of the lens with this Y-support. Easily adjust and lock the height-adjustable Y-support into place with the MPR-EC end clamp. Use the included B2-Duo screw-knob clamp to attach a camera with a RRS lens foot to the multi-purpose rail.


• Save 5% with the Long Lens Package
• Attach your RRS lens plate or foot replacement to the B2-Duo clamp and rest the barrel on the Y-Support to reduce vibration
• Tests have shown up to a 15% resolution improvement when using the Y-Support as a second contact point
• Dovetails on the Y-Support and end clamp allow for quick and precise positioning; quickly remove the Y-support for compact storage
• Additional1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes on the Multi-Purpose Rail for mounting accessories


270mm Multi-Purpose Rail
  1. Length: 10.6"/ 270mm
  2. Width: 1.50"/ 38mm
  3. Height: 0.9"/ 23mm
  4. Weight: 12.4oz/ 353g

CB-YS Y-Support
  1. Height: 4.8"/ 121mm
  2. Weight: 3.8oz/ 108g
  3. Slot length: 3.5"/ 89mm
MPR-EC Long Lens Support End Clamp
  1. Length: 1.9"/ 47mm
  2. Width: 0.9"/ 22mm
  3. Height: 2.7"/ 69mm
  4. Weight: 2.6oz/ 73g
B2-Duo Clamp
  1. Jaw Length: 2.4"/ 60mm
  2. Width: 4.0"/ 102mm
  3. Height: 0.8"/ 20mm
  4. Weight: 3.5oz/ 99g

In the Box

  1. (1) CB-YS Y-Support
  2. (1) Multi-purpose rail end clamp
  3. (1) 270mm multi-purpose rail
  4. (1) B2-Duo clamp
  5. (2) Nylon thumb screws
  6. (4) Custom flat head screws
  7. (1) 5/32" hex key