Fluid-Gimbal Head

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Currently re-designing the part.


FG-02 Fluid-Gimbal Head


The FG-02 Fluid-Gimbal head represents a culmination of continuing innovation in design here at Really Right Stuff. It combines the major features of two great tripod head styles into a single device. The FG-02 offers high-caliber, fluid-damped panning and tilting for telephoto lenses and heavy-weight setups, all while maintaining the extremely versatile capabilities of our existing Pano-Gimbal product line.


  • True fluid damping for both tilt and pan axes
  • Modular design keeps it compact for packing
  • Integral dovetail base allows quick mounting and dismounting
  • Use as a gimbal head with the heaviest of loads, or use as a multi-row panorama head with all gear
  • Specs

    FG-02, no clamp
    1.  Load Capacity: 50lbs/ 23kg 
    2. Damped Load Capacity: 15lbs/ 6.8kg 
    3. Pan and Tilt Range: 0-360 degrees continuously 
    4. Damping Adjustment: 3 levels + Off 
    5. Assembled Height: 9.5"/ 241mm 
    6. FG-02 Weight: 3.0 lbs/ 1338.6g 
    7. Horizontal Bar Weight: 1.5lbs/ 703g 
    8. Vertical Arm Weight: 1.4lbs/ 630g 
    9. Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 140 F /-18 to 60 C

    In the Box

    FG-02, no clamp
    1. (1) FG-02 horizontal base 
    2. (1) FG-02 vertical arm 
    3. (1) 5/32" hex key (and others depending upon clamp needs)
    4. (1) Gimbal Head carry case with modular inserts
    5. (1) User guide

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    Amazing wildlife/long lens/multi-row pano/video gimbal!

    by Peter - | 11/27/2019 11:53 pm

    I’m amazed at how hard it was to find any information on this great product prior to purchasing. I couldn’t find any reviews on the FG-02 with video clamp. So I wanted to at least give my initial impressions.
    This is a great gimbal and an amazing pano setup. I know many say that the FG is only for video, but I think that’s like saying a Ferrari is only for racing. The FG-02 with video clamp has great way to take video, and it’s very smooth (especially with the video handle attached). It’s so much easier to transport this than my big video fluid head. This is great for wildlife videos, tracking birds, and just more intuitive way to move your camera.
    The one thing many people don’t mention is that the FG-02 is the PG-02+. So you can do anything the PG-02 can do, but then when you turn the fluid on you get great, smooth motion for tracking and video. Amazing gimbal!