Joshua Snow

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Joshua Snow is an ex-engineer turned Landscape photographer who has gained notoriety for his highly technical approach to creating colorful, whimsical, and thought provoking imagery. His work combines very carefully crafted compositions with vibrant colors to create hugely impactful work. Doing his best to convey a sense of experience rather than a finite moment in time that will surely leave an impression on you!


Originally from North Carolina, Josh grew up in the northeast where he studied and worked to become a mechanical engineer. After working in the aerospace and railcar industries he merely stumbled onto photography in an effort to get healthy and help illustrate his technical approach to coarse angling as a contributor to a large European Angling magazine. The love for how all things work and a struggle to communicate with others spiraled into a passion filled career of educating others in how to connect with their creativity through photography!


Josh earned 2nd place overall in the 2020 Internation Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, with 3 images also making the top 100.


Josh has the support of several of the industries top gear brands as official ambassador. These companies include: F-Stop Gear, Nisi Filters, Gnarbox, Datacolor, and LumeCube, as well as a champion and product tester for Really Right Stuff.