Christopher Hales


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve grown up with the beautiful Wasatch mountains as my backyard and the great, vast Southwest desert just a few hours away. Both of which have shaped the person and photographer I am today. Self-taught and a serious hobbyist (and maybe even semi-professional), I would say that I consider myself as an adventure photographer whose work has strong focus in outdoor adventures, lifestyle, landscapes, and travel. Photography became an outlet for me while attending a purely academic STEM high school and all throughout college.

Because of it, it’s reinvigorated my love and passion for the outdoors and travel which has led me to revisiting old spots with a new perspective as well as taking me across the globe to places I’ve never been to. More importantly, it’s helped me build connections and relationships I otherwise wouldn’t have.

More than anything, I aim to capture authentic fleeting moments, photograph things for what they are, and how I see them through my eyes. Photography enables me to commit moments to eternity. I see it as human nature made tangible. When I’m not working or taking photos, you’ll still find me outside backpacking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and skiing.

P.S. If you’re ever in Utah and want to hang/shoot with a local, feel free to reach out! I am always willing and eager to show visitors around my home state and build friendships along the way!


Instagram: @christopherhales
Website: ChrisHalesPhoto.myportfolio.com

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