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Aaron Baggenstos is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning professional wildlife photographer with a passion for capturing images of nature and the natural world. He feels it is a real privilege to share memories through photo adventures while promoting positive and respectful connections with nature.

Officially recognized by National Geographic for 5 consecutive years in the international photography contest, Aaron has also received critical acclaim from Nature’s Best, Outside, North American Nature Photography Association, and the Audubon Society. Recently, several of his images were chosen for the final rounds in the prestigious international competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Aaron’s brown bear image and accompanying article was featured on the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazines November 2020 issue.

For the past 10 years, Aaron has lead hundreds of photographic expeditions around the world. Equipped with an abundance of passion and energized by nature, he desires nothing more than to teach others to take better photos of nature. His teaching style consistently wins the highest of praise from his clients, who also hail from around the globe. “Aaron is a master photographer who excels at knowing how to work best with each student’s learning style,” said Karin Leperi, a client with 11 of Aaron’s workshops under her belt. “I learn more from him in one workshop than all my past workshops added together.” His students are nothing less than impassioned, with many repeat clients who have traveled with him and having over 10 travel tours with their favorite instructor.

Passionate about conservation on the ground while fighting the right battles to help preserve and sustain our wild places, Aaron’s work spans the globe.He has supported countless conservation efforts contributing to help protect, preserve, and conserve biodiversity and habitats worldwide.

He knows that without investment of tourism dollars, many places simply can’t afford to protect wildlife. As a result, he has led hundreds of photography tours around the world specializing in premier wildlife destinations on the planet that are both conservation-oriented and sustainable. His portfolio of photo tours includes Ultimate Alaska, Yellowstone in Winter, Kenya, Botswana, Wildlife of Madagascar, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, Tigers of India, Svalbard, and Antarctica.

In a project designed to capture his learnings and field experience, Aaron recently launched a landmark series of instructional videos called “the ultimate wildlife photography course” designed to help aspiring photographers of all levels elevate their own photography portfolio to the next level. In this comprehensive video series Aaron masterfully illustrates his top photographic strategies and post-processing techniques in 8 categories.Notable topics include methods you can use to capture magical light, critical elements for wildlife photography composition, innovative techniques for capturing birds in flight, resources for understanding wildlife behavior, how to create award-winning portraits, and 9 instructional videos on post processing for distinctive images using Adobe Lightroom. By singing up for the course you also get access to a private Facebook group, where you will receive professional and peer mentoring, and be able to exchange information and brainstorm with professional and peer photographers who are working with the same lessons you have learned.

Since Aaron has spent thousands of hours in the field, he has come to appreciate and rely on equipment that is both durable and yet adaptable to changing environments. Since Really Right Stuff (RRS) equipment checks all the boxes, he has come to rely on RRS throughout his career. One of his all-time favorite items is the RRS TVC-34 tripod with an FG-02 fluid gimbal head.

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