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Our standard ball heads include the BH-25, BH-30, BH-40, and BH-55. RRS set the industry standard ever since we launched the iconic BH-55 LR in 2004. Key features Include:

•  Panning base located under the ball
•  Low profile keeps the camera closer to the tripod apex for more stability
•  Split body design for superior lock up
•  CNC machined components for exacting precision and dependability
•  Start with premium materials and US metals
•  100% made in the USA


Load capacity: 50 lbs / 23 kg

The BH-55 is our original general-purpose ball head and an RRS Flagship. Sized to mate perfectly with RRS Versa series 3 tripods. It delivers unfailing performance in any weather. Its low profile, precision control knobs, rugged housing, and quick release clamps make it the ball head of choice for professional photographers worldwide. Often copied; never equaled.


Load capacity: 18 lbs / 8 kg

Our bestselling BH-40 medium-size ball head mates perfectly with RRS Versa series 2 and Ultralight series 3 & 2 size tripods. It features a repositionable T-lever to lock ball articulation, pan lock knob, and a Micrometer drag tension knob. It’s also the perfect support head for popular light to mid-sized gear. It is the most compact ball head in its class but delivers large-size performance and features.


Load capacity: 15 lbs / 6.8 kg

Our BH-30 small ball head is ideal for backpacking and travel. Compact in size, but large in performance, it mates ideally with our adventure/travel size tripods like the TQC-14. Includes a repositionable T-lever to lock ball articulation and a pan lock knob to control the panning base.



The BH-25 is scaled to fit our small table-top tripods like the TFA-01 Ultra or can be rigged with the RRS Multi-clamp when you need to fix a camera up in a tree or some other unusual position. Also mates well with an RRS FA-HSA hot shoe adapter to mount gear to a camera’s hot shoe. Extremely robust and powerful for its super-compact size. Load capacity is 8.8 lbs/4 kg


Although small and compact, our micro ball heads don’t compromise on functionality. All parts are CNC machine from the highest quality materials for durability. Strong enough to easily hold a full-size DSLR and lens.


The perfect travel companion at only 3.7 ounces and 1.8” tall, the BC-18 makes the cut in any gear bag. It offers most ball head functionality in an ultra-compact profile. A perfect choice for the TFA-01 Ultra


The BPC-16 is our smallest ball head which features an integrated panning clamp. Of course, the BPC-16 accommodates all RRS dovetail camera/lens plates and rails and makes a great companion for our phone clamps. Its versatile and lightweight platform is perfect for shooting panoramas with mobile phones and compact DSLRs. When a conventional tripod is not allowed or too bulky, the BPC-16 and TFA-01 easily fly below radar and let you get the perfect shot inside the darkest cathedral.

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