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PC-LR-40 Compact Panning Clamp



The PC-LR-40 Panning clamp is designed to offer precision horizontal panning as a versatile modular item. Combining our patented lever-release clamp jaw with a lockable 360-degree panning bearing, the PC-LR is a robust yet lightweight panning solution for more convenient single-row panorama shooting. Like all of our lever-release clamps, the PC-LR-40 offers the fastest action for quick-release of plates and rails in and out of the jaw. With a patented stainless-steel lever that flips to three positions: closed, half-open, fully-open - you can be confident in the state of the clamp lock at a glance.

The panning clamp has precision laser engravings for panning angle and camera position, and an integrated 8mm bubble level makes leveling quick and easy.

The PC-LR-40 features a built-in, patent-pending R-Mount, allowing you to rigidly mount it onto any Really Right Stuff ball head stem. This allows using the ball head to level the panning axis, thus eliminating the need for a leveling base in many applications. The increased speed and accuracy offered by the panning clamp makes setup for single-row panoramas a snap.

The PC-LR-40 can be paired with a modular dovetail accessory (TH-DVTL-40) which adds an RRS 1.5" dovetail to the bottom of the panning clamp. This quick-release modularity allows part-time panorama shooters to eliminate the weight off their tripod setup when it's not needed.

The clamp features a central 3/8"-16 threaded socket, and also includes flat-head 1/4"-20 and M6 screws for mounting directly to Really Right Stuff and Arca-Swiss ball heads.


  • The finest RRS quality materials machined from solid aircraft aluminum for lowest profile and minimum weight
  • Anodized; Type II Black
  • Laser engraved center marks
  • Laser engraved rotary markings at 5 degrees increments
  • Integrated 8mm "bulls-eye" spirit level
  • R-Mount (Patent-pending) for rigid mounting
  • Lockable panning
  • Robust 3 position plate lever release, self-adjusts to accept all Arca-Swiss/RRS-style plates except Arca-Swiss P0 Slidefix and Novoflex plate
  • Central mounting socket is threaded 3/8"-16
  • Can replace the clamp on the top of a ball head, eliminating the need for a leveling base for many applications
  • Compatible with RRS Compact Knob Extender and TH-DVTL-40


  • Diameter (Main clamp body): 2.1", 53mm
  • Fits inside diameter envelope: (3.25", 82mm)
  • Center Socket: 3/8"-16
  • Additional sockets: (2) M5x0.8 sockets spaced at 30mm (for TH-DVTL-40)
  • Height: 1.1 in. / 27mm
  • Weight: 5.7oz / 162g

In the Box

(1) PC-LR-40
(1) 1/4"-20 x 1.25" flathead screw
(1) M6 x 35mm flathead screw
(1) 5/32" hex key
(1) User's Guide
(1) R-Mount adapter