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MTX replacement tip fits any 3/16" hex socket driver


Really Right Stuff has always rejected coin-slotted screws for our quick-release plates, no matter how convenient they may appear. Sufficient torque to properly fix the screw just can't be generated with a coin. Instead, we've always chosen hex-socket screws to anchor our quick-release plates. The hex key is an elegant solution for the purpose. Hex keys deliver more than enough torque for the job, are compact, inexpensive, and universally available. A few years ago, we started including US-made Bondhus® hex keys with all our plates because of their unsurpassed dimensional consistency and ultra-high corrosion resistance. But our product line continues to evolve and expand, leading to an ever-increasing number of tool requirements and types. The best way to carry all the tools you need is our MTX Multi-Tool. We offer a variety of alternate and replacement bits that allow you to customize your MTX Multi-Tool for the way you use it.


  • Bit fits MTX 3/16" hex socket driver
  • Made from steel with corrosion resistant coating
  • Sourced from Taiwan; all other MTX components are sourced from the US
  • Specs

  • Fits 3/16" hex socket driver
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    1. (1) MTX Flat Tip 1 Bit