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  • FA-QR200: Adapter for Nikon SB-R200 flash heads

FA-QR200: Adapter for Nikon SB-R200 flash heads

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SNAP QR® flash adapter


Nikon macro twin flash SNAP QR® Adapter. The patented Really Right Stuff SNAP QR system is our custom quick-release solution for smaller photo and video accessories such as a flash unit, external video monitor, or shotgun microphone. The SNAP QR system has two parts, a clamp/base portion that will mount onto one of our flash brackets or standard dovetailed rails (depending on the type of base), and a quick-release adapter that will screw onto your photo or video accessory. This allows you to quickly mount or interchange any number of small accessories using an intuitive and secure quick-release.


  • The unique shape of the QR base prevents any twisting or movement between the QR base and the QR adapter.
  • The Base portion of our SNAP QR system accepts all SNAP QR adapters.
  • The SNAP QR base on accessory clamps open and closes through a simple QR latch, allowing the QR adapter of your choice to SNAP into place.
  • Specs

    Weight: 0.5 oz / 14 g

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