BHERO3+ Cage System: Cage Door + 2 Cage Sides + 2 Bases

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Requires BHERO3-PLUS-CD (Door)
NOTE: If you plan to use only one each of Cage Side (CS) and Cage Base (CB), you can have dovetails on either: 1. Right & Top (with lens pointing away from you) OR 2. Left & Bottom Using two Cage Sides allows use of the Cage Base on either top or bottom at any time.

Available Components:
  • Cage Door: this door replaces the acrylic case door that comes stock on the HERO3+ case. Item code = BHERO3-PLUS-CD
  • Cage Side: this side component turns the HERO3+ case into an L-plate! Cage Side mounts to Cage Door. Item code = BHERO3-PLUS-CS
  • Cage Base: this base component mount to the Cage Side and offers increased support and protection for the HERO3+ case. Item code = BHERO3-PLUS-CB

  • Our Cage Door Replacement (BHERO3-PLUS-CD) maintains full functionality of the original latch mechanism, even in full cage configuration. This provides users with a very low profile 1.5 inch bi-directional dovetail and 1/4"-20 mounting sockets while allowing the batteries and memory cards to be swapped quickly, without requiring any tools. Transfer the original seal for a waterproof depth of 140ft. The remaining plate options attach to the RRS back piece, offering mounting options for RRS standard clamps as well as for our compact X-Jaw Clamp system. The camera and buttons remain accessible with any combination of the full cage assembly.
  • Replicates GoPro door fit with internal foam pads to prevent camera movement
  • Uses rubber seal from original door for waterproof depth of up to 140ft - WARNING: Not waterproof without transferring seal!
  • Bi-directional dovetail mounts in RRS and other Arca-Style clamps
  • (33) 1/4"-20 sockets on 5 sides for mounting versatility
  • Once attached to housing, provides base for mounting entire BHERO3+ Cage System
  • Maintains full functionality of the original latch mechanism, even in full cage configuration - remove or install camera without tools
  • Side & Base dovetails fit in any Arca-Swiss style clamp and our X-Jaw clamping system
  • Laser engraved center marks allow centering on lens axis from either side
  • Regardless of orientation, 1/4"-20 sockets align with lens axis
  • Maintains access to all buttons when installed
    1. BHERO3-PLUS-CD Cage Door
    2. (2) BHERO3-PLUS-CS Cage Side
    3. (4) Cap-head #6-32 x 5/16" screws
    4. 7/64" hex key
    5. (2) BHERO3-PLUS-CB Cage Base
    6. (6) B110 custom 1/4"-20 screws
    7. 5/32" hex key
    8. BHERO3+ Cage System User Guide
  • Package Weight: 7.1 oz / 200g
  • Package 4 + HERO3+ in stock housing (with battery): 12.0 oz / 339 g
  • Weight of Cage Door: 1.9 oz / 54 g
  • Weight of Cage Side: 1.0 oz / 28 g
  • Weight of Cage Base: 1.6 oz / 45 g
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