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ARC-LR | Adjustable R-LOCK Lever-Release Photo Clamp 


  • R-Lock R-LOCK (short for Rapid-Lock) System adds unique safety-stop features which are built in to both a mounting rail and quick-release clamp that adhere to the RRS 1.5” Standard. The ”hard-stop” feature is comprised of a 5mm diameter steel pin that engages 5.5mm diameter holes in the rail. In addition to supplementing the traditional friction-based clamping mechanism, the interface prevents unintentional repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the R-LOCK is engaged.
  • R-Mount Interface: R-Mount’s rosette will prevent twisting at the coupling point between the ARC-LR and RRS head over time, and will assist in eliminating “play” that results from regular use on our earlier tongue-and-groove designs.
  • Easy Top-Loading: In one quick action, the clamp can go from closed to fully open, allowing easy top-loading of RRS Dovetail and arca-swiss compatible quick-release plates
  • Visual Confirmation of Lock Position: You can readily observe if the lever is locked, half-open or fully open
  • Adjustable Clamp Tolerance: For the first time, the ARC-LR allows users to adjust a RRS clamp's jaw tolerance to conform to some 3rd party Arca-style plates or rails.



  • Jaw Length: 1.57"/ 40mm
  • Width: 2.55"/ 65mm
  • Height: 0.69"/ 18mm
  • Weight: 4oz/ 114g
  • Center hole 3/8"-16
  • Outer holes 1/4"-20 spaced 30mm apart on center

In the Box

  • Qty.1 ARC-LR clamp 
  • Qty.1 Rosette Adapter for RRS Tongue and Groove Ball Stems
  • Qty.1 Flat Head Screw, 1/4"-20 x 1.25" Long
  • Qty.1 Flat Head Screw, M6-1.0 x 25mm
  • 5/32" Hex Key
  • QR Manual Card