Web Specials

In the pursuit of continuous improvement at RRS, we are implementing 5S. As we sort and straighten our facility, we will be listing slightly imperfect new products and gear that we no longer use. The used gear from our marketing department includes cameras, lenses, lights, accessories and RRS gear that has been used for demonstration purposes and may feature our old logo design. Slight imperfections in new products occur occasionally such as imperfect anodizing, small scratches and other cosmetic blemishes or possibly old designs. As we strive for perfection, our engineers revise designs for improved efficiencies in assembly, manufacturing and maintenance. All new products with these slight imperfections will have a B laser etched in them. Please note that all items on this page are sold as is. No returns or exchanges. Thank you for shopping direct with RRS. We hope you will enjoy these web specials. Happy Shooting!

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