PG-VR: Vertical Rail


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This is the Vertical Rail for our Pano-Gimbal Head and works in conjunction with our PG-CC cradle clamp. Purchasing both the PG-VR and PG-CC will convert a PG-02 LR gimbal head into a PG-02 FG full gimbal.
  • Vertical Scale is laser engraved: zero to 146mm in 1mm increments.
  • Three mounting holes with countersink: one centered, two inline holes spaced 30mm apart on center.
  • Integral dual safety stop tabs ensure that PG-CC Cradle Clamp cannot accidentally slide off of the rail.
    1. PG-VR Pano-Gimbal Vertical Rail
  • Weight = 7.3 oz / 207g
  • Length = 7.0" / 17.9mm
  • Width = 1.5" / 3.8mm