PG-02 VA with B2 LR II clamp


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The PG-02 VA is one of two major components that make up our PG-02 Pano-Gimbal heads. This PG-02-VA-LR is a pre-configured Vertical Arm with a B2-LR-II lever-release clamp installed on the tilt axis, for use in our Multi-Row Pano Elements Packages or as a part of the PG-02 LR Pano-Gimbal head.

The PG-02 VA operates as the vertical tilt axis component for a gimbal or multi-row panorama head system, and is robust enough to operate in either role with just about any size camera and lens combination. The large star-shaped lock knob provides sure-fire grip for easy one-twist lockup, even with gloved hands, and provides over 50 pounds of lockup capacity at any angle. The robust tilt bearing inside the Vertical Arm is compact and lightweight but offers silky-smooth movement with even high weight mounted. A laser-engraved scale provides precise tilt positioning for panorama applications.

A large rubberized knob provides clamping at the base of the Vertical Arm, which allows attaching to the PG-02 HB base component or the CB-10 camera bar as a part of pano packages. The base and inner core of the vertical arm are machined hollow to keep the weight of the setup minimal, but provide incredible rigidity and strength for carrying at any angle, even over the shoulder, with heavy lenses loaded.

Our patented B2-LR-II lever-release clamp provides secure mounting for any Really Right Stuff lens foot, plate, or rail, with complete 360-degree tilting range. With a precise laser-engraved scale, the clamp offers either balancing or no-parallax positioning with ease.

  • 360-degree smooth tilting axis
  • Precision laser-engraved 2.5 degree tilt scale
  • Over-sized star-shaped aluminum Tilt Lock Knob for easy high-strength lockup
  • CNC-Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum for high strength with minimal weight
  • Large rubber base lock knob for quick and easy assembly and adjustment
  • B2-LR-II lever-release clamp with 50 lb no-slip rating
  • (1) 3/8"-16 and (4) 1/4"-20 accessory mounting sockets on flat top surface (for additional ballhead or other mounting)
    1. PG-02 VA Vertical Arm
    2. B2-LR-II (mounted)
    3. Flat-head 1/4"-20 x 3/4Screw (installed)
    4. (2) Flat-head M5-0.8 x 12mm screws (installed)
    5. PG-02 User's Guide
    6. Lever-release clamp User's Guide
  • Weight: 1.5lb / 699g