PG-02 HB: Pano-Gimbal Horizontal Base


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The PG-02 HB is one of two major components that make up our PG-02 Pano-Gimbal heads. The HB horizontal base forms the horizontal panning axis, and provides the main support arm and offset for the PG-02 VA Vertical Arm component, and thereby the various clamp mounting options that are available.

Like most tripod heads, the PG-02 HB mounts to a tripod platform via a standard 3/8"-16 threaded socket, and shares its panning base size with our BH-55 ballhead to match the Versa 3 tripod platform dimension. Unlike a ballhead panning base however, the PG-02 HB offers a more smooth and consistent panning bearing, consisting of two types of roller and ball bearings and special damping grease for silky-smooth action.

When combined with the vertical arm in a fully configured, the PG-02 HB Horizontal base provides the ultimate in smooth gimbal support for large telephoto lenses (200mm+) and precise and repeatable alignment for multi-row panorama shooting.
  • 360-degree smooth panning base contains two types of bearings and damping grease for a smooth, consistent panning action
  • Precision laser-engraved 2.5 degree panning scale and millimeter horizontal arm scale
  • Laser-engraved axis cross-hair for accurate pano centering
  • CNC-Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum for high strength with minimal weight
  • Large rubber panning lock knob for quick and easy locking
  • 180mm offset from panning axis provides maximum adjustability for PG-02 Vertical Arm component
  • Standard 3/8"-16 mounting socket, machined from high quality stainless steel for superior strength and minimal wear
    1. PG-02 HB Horizontal Base
    2. PG-02 User's Guide
  • Weight: 21.5 oz / 610g
  • Height: 1.5" / 39mm
  • Panning Base Diameter: 2.8" / 70mm
  • Length: 10.3" / 26.0cm
  • Width: 2.9" / 73mm (at panning end)
  • Level: 12mm "Bulls-eye" Level
  • Tripod Mount: 3/8"-16 socket
  • Panning Base Laser Engraving: Zero to 360" 2.5 degree"crements; reference marks every 90 degrees
  • Lateral (linear) Scale Laser Engraving: Zero points is middle of panning base, laser engraved from 40mm to 180mm on both sides of horizontal arm