MH-01-40 LR head with smaller lever-release clamp

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Our customers begged us to develop a robust, well-machined and smooth operating monopod head to use with their largest telephoto lenses. RRS High Capacity Monopod Heads are the answer. We conservatively rate these monopod heads at 75 pounds more than you will ever possibly require yet they are compact enough to fit in a smaller camera bag compartment. The tilt travel is a full 180 degrees, and the tilt action is smooth and easy to control, no matter the load. The giant knurled tilt-lock knob is easy to grip and operate, even while wearing gloves. In addition to the standard 3/8"-16 threaded socket, the base of the head features a RRS-compatible dovetail to add versatility in mounting. You can change the orientation of the clamp by 90 degrees to accommodate the two mount styles: camera body plates run left-right and lens plates run fore-aft. The intended use of the head is the maintain the fore-aft direction of the tilt on the head, while getting the clamp in the direction you need depending on the lens you'll be using. Portrait orientation is achieved with L-plates or rotating lens collars. The MH-01-40LR features our patented B2-40-LR lever-release clamp for the fastest and most secure clamping of your camera and lens plates. With RRS plates the clamp offers 50lbs of vertical no-slip hold making it perfect for even the largest telephoto lenses. The lever-release also self-adjusts to accommodate quick-release plates from most major Arca-Swiss style brands, including Wimberley, Kirk, Markins, Acratech, and more (other brands may have lower load capacities). The key difference between the MH-01 vs. -02 heads is the ease of rotating the clamp. The MH-02 does not require any tools or hardware to change the direction of the clamp, so if you need to change quickly between collared and non-collared lenses, we recommend choosing one of the MH-02 heads, which allow the clamp to index at 90 degree increments using a simple knob.
  • B2-40-LR lever-release style clamp with laser engraved reference scale
  • 180-degree tilt range
  • 75-pound tilt lock capacity with nylon brake system
  • Oversized tilt lock knob for easy grip and operation
  • Clamp orientation changes using a single 5/32" hex key
  • Self-Adjusting Lever-Release Clamp accepts all RRS/Arca-Swiss style plates except Arca-Swiss P0 Slidefix plates and plates made by Novoflex
  • Standard 3/8"-16 mounting socket on base
  • (2) 1/4"-20 sockets on base (spaced 30mm on center)
  • Dovetail base for mounting in clamps
  • Simple, open design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
    1. MH-01 High-Capacity Monopod Head
    2. B2-40-LR lever-release style clamp (installed)
    3. (1) Flat-head 1/4"-20 x 3/4" clamp mounting screw (installed)
    4. (1) 5/32" hex key
    5. MH-01 User's Guide
    6. Lever-Release Clamp User's Guide
  • Capacity: 75 lb / 34kg
  • Height: 3.4" / 86mm
  • Base Width: 1.5" / 38mm
  • Mounting socket: 3/8"-16
  • Weight: 12.7 oz / 360g