Lightweight Add-on Pano Package, LR

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The Lightweight Add-on Pano Package, LR is designed to build upon an existing single-row panorama setup, like our Pano Elements LR Package, to create a complete multi-row panorama package for small to mid-sized camera setups. This package consists of three main components: a horizontal bar for mounting in a panning clamp (not included), and a vertical rail with a second panning clamp to act as the tilt axis for the nodal slide and camera. When combined with your existing panning clamp and nodal slide combination, the Lightweight Add-on Pano Package, LR will provide the perfect multi-row panorama solution for those who need to keep the weight and size to a minimum, and prefer lever-release clamps.

The PC-LR Panning clamp acts as the vertical tilt axis in this package, providing the same precise rotation and 2.5-degree precision with independent locking for most small and mid-sized camera systems at any angle. Combining our patented lever-release clamp jaw with a lockable 360-degree panning bearing, the PC-LR is a robust yet lightweight solution for panorama shooting. Like all of our lever-release clamps, the PC-LR offers the fastest action for quick-release of plates and rails in and out of the jaw. With a patented stainless-steel lever that flips to three positions: closed, half-open, full-open - you can be confident in the state of the clamp at a glance.

The MPR-192 and CRD-Rail components offer solid strength at minimal weight, and provide the necessary adjustability for lens centering over the horizontal axis. The components separate into 2 pieces via quick-release for compact storage together or apart.

  • Perfect for adding a tilt axis for small Micro Four Thirds (MFT) to mid-weight camera systems (such as MFT or mirrorless)
  • Integral dovetail base fits all Arca-Swiss/Really Right Stuff-style clamps (except Markins QR-48Ns clamps)
  • Precision laser-engraved reference marks on rails, and 2.5 degree tilt scale on tilt axis
  • CNC-Machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum for high strength with minimal weight
  • CRD-Rail features knurled locking knob at base for easy chatter-free adjustment of vertical arm, even with gear loaded.
  • PC-LR lever-release clamp for quick mounting and adjustment of your nodal slide (sold separately)
  • Dual screw mounting of vertical panning clamp provides solid connection
  • MPR-192 offers over 6 inches of offset for centering lenses and is strong enough to avoid deflection under heavy loads
  • Bulls-eye spirit level
  • Accepts all Really Right Stuff nodal slides
    1. PC-LR panning clamp (mounted)
    2. MPR-192 rail
    3. CRD-Rail
    4. Cap-head 1/4"-20 x 1.25" (installed) and M6-1.0 x 40mm screws
    5. (2) 7/32" hex key
    6. (2) M5 hex key
    7. MPR-C modular anti-twist flange
    8. (4) M3-0.5 x 5mm safety-stop screws (2 installed, 2 for MPR-C flange)
    9. (2) M2.5 hex key
    10. OP/TECH neoprene storage pouch (for PC-LR)
    11. Lever-release clamp User's Guide
    12. Panorama manual
  • Package Weight: 1.4 lb / 635g
  • PC-LR Panning Clamp:
  • Height: 1.4" / 35mm
  • Height (not including dovetail): 1.2" / 30mm
  • Diameter (main clamp body): 2.9" / 72mm
  • Weight: 11.8 oz / 336g
  • Center Socket: 3/8"-16
  • Additional Sockets: (2) 1/4"-20 spaced at 55mm (2.2")