Lens Support Pkg, single Quick-Release


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Solidly stabilize the barrel of the lens with this Y-support. Lock Y-support into place with provided hex key. Our tests show up to 15% resolution improvement over mounting long lens foot alone. The B2-Duo screw-knob clamp requires RRS plates on both the top and bottom clamps in order to guarantee compatibility.
  • Attach your RRS lens plate or foot replacement to the B2-Duo clamp and rest the barrel on the Y-Support for reduced vibration.
  • Tests have shown up to a 15% resolution improvement when using the Y-Support as a second contact point.
  • Long screw slot on the Y-Support allows for precise positioning.
  • Package save $18.
    1. (1) CB-YS Y-Support
    2. (1) B107 button head screw
    3. (1) 5/32 Hex Key
    4. (1) CB-10 Camera Bar
    5. (1) B2-Duo clamp
    6. (2) Nylon Thumb Screws
  • Length: 10" / 254mm
  • Weight: 20.2 oz / 574g
  • Slot length: 3.5" / 89mm
  • Height of Y-Support: 4.8" / 121mm