LB-40: Padded Cordura® pouch

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Use the LB-40 pouch to cover and protect a BH-40 ballhead or a midsize lens when mounted to the tripod. Ideal for carrying a ballhead or a lens in your carry-on luggage when traveling, or when the ballhead &; tripod are strapped to a photo backpack. This padded Cordura protective drawstring pouch is included with the purchase of any BH-40 or BH-30 ballhead.

Items that Really Right Stuff makes and manufactures are all made in California. And though we design the soft goods ourselves, we don't make them ourselves. Whenever possible, we source them from US companies making goods in the US (our Op/Tech® pouches are an example of this). But the reality is that textiles are difficult to source in the US, and when they are, they're prohibitively expensive. Our ballhead pouches are made by a US company that operates factories in Asia. We continue to seek US made soft goods to complement our US made products.
  • Convenient padded case for ballhead storage.
  • Quick access with the drawstring close.
  • Use to protect ballhead when mounted on your tripod.
    1. LB-40 Padded Cordura Pouch
  • Diameter: 3" / 76.2mm
  • Height: 4" / 101.6mm