BM240 Set: L-plate and grip for M240/246

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Really Right Stuff camera body plates are all custom designed for each camera body and precision machined from solid blocks of 6061-T6 aluminum. Fully compatible with any RRS Dovetail style quick-release system, our plates feature precisely contoured anti-twist flanges for a perfect fit that prevents twisting between the camera and our plate. All of our quick-release plates utilize a custom machined 1/4"-20 threaded, captive-style mounting screw that threads into the tripod mounting socket of your camera body.

Really Right Stuff camera L-plates feature two dovetail mounting surfaces in the shape of an L; one on the bottom of your camera, and one on the left-hand side. This additional mounting option allows you to quickly change between landscape and portrait orientations while minimizing the need to recompose your shot, saving you time and hassle. Also, an L-plate keeps your gear centered directly above the tripod's apex which helps maintain the best stability possible.

Really Right Stuff modular L-plate systems have all of the same advantages of our amazing L-plates, but are made from three different components:

1. a conventional base plate

2. a dedicated vertical L-component that mounts on the left-hand side of the base plate

3. a custom grip that mounts on the right-hand side, significantly improving the handling performance of small camera systems.

The modular approach offers much greater flexibility, allowing the photographer to remove the added components for a slimmer profile, or when maximum access to the side ports is needed.

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized; Type II Black
  • (2) 1/4"-20 threaded accessory mounting socket
  • Built-in magnet mimics Leica base to allow full camera function only when installed
  • Tool-free wing screw
  • Foam gasket provides equivalent dust and moisture seal to stock base cover
  • Laser engraved center mark
  • Tool-free wing screw
  • Mounting sockets for optional grip
  • Foam gasket provides equivalent dust and moisture seal to stock base cover
  • Laser engraved center mark
    1. BM240 modular base plate
    2. BM240-L modular L-component
    3. BM240-G modular grip
    4. Custom wingnut screw
    5. (6) M3 modular accessory mounting screws
    6. 5/32" Hex key for wingnut screw
    7. M2.5 Hex key for M3 screws
    8. L-plate user's guide
  • Length: 6.0" / 152mm
  • Height: 2.6" / 68mm
  • Weight: 7.1 oz / 200g
  • This product is protected by US patents. Really Right Stuff, LLC has been granted patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the following inventions: Modular L-Plates. For a complete list of applicable patents, click HERE.

    Any party that manufactures, imports, uses, sells, or offers for sale the above patented technology without permission/license from Really Right Stuff, LLC, during the term of the patent and within the country that issued the patent, is considered to infringe the patent.