B91-SFM: Non-Tilt Flash Mount for B91 hoops/rings


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"Fixed flash mount for B91 and FR-91 flash brackets. Our circular flash brackets are great for mounting a Speedlight or small strobe above your camera and lens in order to create that perfect catch-light when photographing wildlife. Also, because the flash mount is adjustable anywhere along the circular bracket, you have both the flexibility of repositioning the flash between different camera orientations, as well as the exact control of positioning the flash relative to your subject matter for studio or macro flash photography. All of our flash mounts utilize our SNAP QR mounting system for easily mounting different flashes or accessories.

The patented Really Right Stuff SNAP QR system is our custom quick-release solution for smaller photo and video accessories such as a flash unit, external video monitor, or shotgun microphone. The SNAP QR system has two parts, a clamp/base portion that will mount onto one of our flash brackets or standard dovetailed rails (depending on the type of base), and a quick-release adapter that will screw onto your photo or video accessory. This allows you to quickly mount or interchange any number of small accessories using an intuitive and secure quick-release.
  • The SNAP QR base clamp opens and closes through a simple quick-release (QR) latch, allowing the QR adapter of your choice to SNAP into place.
  • The unique shape of the QR base prevents any twisting or movement between the QR base and the QR adapter.
  • The Base portion of our SNAP QR system accepts all SNAP QR adapters.
  • Includes our FA-QR1 strobe cord adapter for most standard size strobe cords
    1. B91-SFM Fixed flash mount for full-sized flash brackets
    2. FA-QR1 standard TTL QR adapter
    3. 5/32" Hex key
    4. Flat head screw, stainless steel, 1/4"-20 x 1/2
  • Weight: 2.0 oz / 58 g